DETAIL Developed for rust prevention in the productions of metal
parts, and processing stage to the final cleaning and then
to fabrication stages. CP-107D has enough rust preventive
effect which conventional cleaners have never been achieved-
during 2 -3 weeks of the stock period. CP-107D can eliminate
both applying chemical and removing works. CP-107D is
aqueous emulsion type cleaner to be used at the final cleaning stage.
CHARACTERISTICS *Powerful degreasing with rust preventive effect ? midterm-period for iron, cast iron, aluminum alloy.
*Low bubbling.
*Applicable at normal to high temperature.
APPLICATIONS *Concentration : 2 - 3 %
*Temperature : Ambient to 60 ℃
*Clean by dipping, spraying
PHYSICAL PROPERTIES *Appearance : Light brown
*Type : Luke alkali ( 3%, pH9.5)
*Specific gravity :  0.93 (20 ℃)
Note : This comes to under fire brigade code, Petro Class No.3 of No.4