NAME Chemilite R-2N
DETAIL Organic components ,and powerful removal power for grease/oil.
Even these oils which have never been removed by conventional cleaner, can be removed.
R-2N is the neutral, and quite safe for handlings.
Can use as hand washer for silicon oil.
CHARACTERISTICS *Strong degeasing power, do not give any influence to the washing works.
*By adequate concentration and temperature control, exhibit degreasing power to cover wide ranges of the applications.
*The marks of residues may not remain on the cleaned surface.
*Recommended to non-ferrous metals, especially for aluminum, without corrosion or change of color.
*Note : Does not have the rust preventive function to the cast iron,
APPLICATIONS *Good for Ultra Sonic Washing for pressed or drawn products made of aluminum, copper, stainless steel materials.
*Concentration : 1 - 5%、Temperature 80 ℃ (max.)
MSDS Refer to MSDS before using.