DETAIL CP-600A is a rust preventive detergent composed mainly by organic alkali. CP-600A has a function as powerful detergent in processing parts made of every kinds of metals. Also works as the temporary rust prevention.
CHARACTERISTICS *Good rust prevention effect in a short term for ferrous and ferrous cast parts.
*Mainly made of organic components and remains no white mark or residues on the products.
*Due to light alkali, it is safe for employees.
*Thermal application (60℃) is the best to exhibit the detergency.
*Low foaming and gives no damage to the production systems.
*No color-off against aluminum or non-ferrous metals.
APPLICATIONS *Concentration 1 ? 3 % (according to the dirt, materials)
*Temperature 20 ? 80 ℃
*Application Spray, ultra sonic
PACKING 18kg/can or 200 kg/metal drum