CP-60B for ferrous alloy and metals and rust prevention, application by spraying
CP-60MK concentrated liquid type detergent for automotive parts and assembling line
CP-60Y multi purpose light alkaline detergent, yet good for washing grease, and also rust preventive
CP-88D highest grade almighty type powerful detergent, for washing after machining of ferrous and non-ferrous parts and rust prevention, and long life, cost saving
CP-100K spraying type, good for non-ferrous metal processing for heavy duty jobs in the aftermarket
CP-107D Aqueous emulsion type. Rust prevention for metal parts -processing to the final cleaning stage. Effective for 2 - 3 weeks of the stock period
CP-600A good for ferrous and non-ferrous metals (including aluminum), and rust prevention
SW-10K detergent for heavy grease and oil
SW-10 washing for ferrous and non-ferrous metal
SW-100RH water soluble, but equivalent to the solvent type detergent, good for copper parts
MT-7 powder type and powerful detergent, recommended for heavy duty jobs in the aftermarket
KE-10 acid type, applicable for aluminum, copper, brass products, able to remove the scales on the metal surface, and give the gloss finish
R-2N Organic powerful de-greasing chemical,without white mark. Use as hand cleaner for silicon oil.
UP-40P Applicable for any kinds of metals (cast iron,copper,aluminum) at all ambient temperature. Quick oil/water separation leads long life.
PIA1000 newly developed as multipurpose powerful detergent for wide applications in both industries and homes. Non-poisonous,nontoxic,safe and environment,clearing water disposal regulations.
PIA2000 Remove heavy oil mixed with high viscosity metal compound. Using ultra sonic cleaning machines are recommended for higher level cleaning.
COACH 120 specializing for washing the body of car, truck and coach (non-recycling type), and also window glasses. other application are for washing walls, floors, vinyl parts and machines
Your Focus Our Scope The World of Industrial Endoscopy.The outlines of Karl Storz and wide product ranges
Borescopes Endoscopy with highest image quality.Rigid endoscopes,miniature borescopes,Swing-prism borescopes and accessories
Flexoscopes Extremely flexbile endocopes,The flexoscope, Design and optical system,Flexoscopes, Autoscopes and accessories
MoVeo Videoscope A New Generation of Mobile Videoscopes Systems,Videoscope in Detail, Multifunctional System Case,Accessories for the Multfunctional System Case.
Videoscopes Endoscopy with highest image quality,MULTIPOINT measuirng system, Videoscopes,Inserts,Interchangeable lenses,LCD/VGA flat screen, Accessories and Tools
T-Scope The portable videoscope system,T-Scope Videoscope system,T-Scope Technical information,
Light Sources Optimal Lighting for Industrial Endoscopy,Portable light sources,battery-operated LED light sources,Tabletop units, LED, Xenon lamp,Light cables for coldlight sources, Adaptors and Accessories
Measurement System abd Documentation The TECHNO PACK Product Family,Multipoint measuring system,Documentation, Camera system, Parfocal Zoom,LCD color monitor, Camera and Smartphone Adaptor,Camera adaptors
FOS FLOATING OILS COLLECTION SYSTEMS Collect floating oil of aqueous cleaning chemicals (or machining oils) and keep the liquid clean and saves the consumptions. Operated by air diaphragm pump, thus saves energy cost. Durable mechanical system, the total operation cost is saved a lot!High efficiency, 600 liters/1,200 liters/hour.
OTHER to solve the special requirement at the production lines, custom made detergent can be supplied