(Powerful Degreasing Alkaline Detergent)
DETAIL Nowadays, because of the safety reasons, as the replacement of the solvent, the powerful water soluble detergent has been required. Shimada has developed a new type powerful detergent, SW-DKS. This SW-DKS is the powerful equivalent to or stronger detergency to the solvent type.
CHARACTERISTICS *Non-corrosive or non-color off for various metals.
*Exhibits the powerful detergency where the strong degreasing is required.
*Because of water soluble, easily diluted by water at will.
*Non phosphorus and friendly to the environment.
*Non PRTR or meet the labor safety act.
APPLICATIONS AND WASHING OBJEC *Concentrations : 1 - 5 % (according to the condition of dirt, materials)
*Temperature : Ambient to 80 ℃ (for spraying, over 55 ℃)
*Applications : Spraying, dipping, oscillating, ultra sonic.
  (Because of non-organic substances are
included, the white mark may be remained
  after washing. Recommend to rinse by
water soluble organic rust preventive liquid.
PACKINGS 18kg/can or 200 kg/metal drum