When various services are provided, we will keep customer's individual information in Peeress international Associates (Hereafter, it is said, "This site"). The indicator concerning the protection of personal information and other laws, etc. are observed on this site, individual information is collected proper, it uses, and it manages.

About the acquisition of individual information

This site will not depend on the means of injustice besides the lie and acquire individual information properly.

Purpose of use of individual information

On this site, I will use acquired individual information for the following purposes. After the person in question's agreement is obtained beforehand, it does as follows when individual information is used so as not to provide.

  1. Request of estimate, answer to consultation, and sending document
  2. Providing with service
  3. Marketing

About the safety management of individual information

This site takes handled individual information and a necessary, appropriate measures is taken for the safety management of a leakage or a downfall or prevention of the damage and other individual information.

About the consignment of individual information

Site..individual..information..handle..all..partially..third party..consign..concerned..third management..attempt..concerned..third party..necessary..appropriate..supervise.

About the third party offer of individual information

This site doesn't offer the third party individual information without obtaining the person in question's agreement beforehand, except when there is providing in the law of Act for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data held by Administrative Organs etc.

About disclosing and the correction, etc. of individual information

When disclosing own individual information is claimed from the person in question, I will indicate this site for a reasonable period promptly within the appropriate range. In that case, it doesn't respond to indication when it cannot be confirmed that it is a person in question.
I will promptly correspond to these claims after it investigates when the mistake is found in the content of individual information, and the correction, the addition, and the deletion are claimed from the person in question. In that case, it doesn't respond to these claims when it cannot be confirmed that it is a person in question.

Exemption matters

  1. Information published in this site doesn't guarantee accuracy of information and a character or timely completeness.
  2. It is not the one to guarantee that accessible information is not infected with the computer virus and the spyware, etc. through information and this site on this site.
  3. At all, this site cannot assume the responsibility about the damage that originates in the use of this site and is caused. Please use information on this site in the customer own responsibility.

Change in this policy

The content of this policy might be changed. This policy after it changes is assumed to be the one to go into force at the time published in this site.

About the copyright

Peeress international Associates owns Content and the copyright of this site. Publishing of without permission of information etc. on this site publishing is prohibited.