We as a sole distributor for SHIMADA KASEI CO., LTD., proudly introduce the highest quality
detergents for "Automotive Productions" and "Aftermarket" in your market.

SHIMADA have produced and supplied the guaranteed products to the top automotive manufacturers, in Japan and overseas market.

SHIMADA products have been accepted for nearly 50 years, both in the domestic and overseas markets.

SHIMADA produce the various types of washing and cleaning machines for the production lines of engines, transmissions, crank shafts and other automotive parts.

SHIMADA is a unique producer having enough know how and experience in both detergents and washing machines and therefore they can solve various problems at the customers.

SHIMADA detergents are "water soluble alkaline", non chlorinated cleaning agents and therefore
SHIMADA detergents are "safe", "friendly to environment" and "cost saving"

detergents are Non PRTR products. Therefore every users can use safely and freely, having great benefit.

SHIMADA is willing to supply the products under "OEM" with the labels for the leading distributors in your market. Your inquiries are welcome.

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